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Motorola exited the Discrete transistor and diode business several years ago leaving a multitude of needs for exact replacements. Several of the product lines that were made by Motorola including Small Signal Transistors, Dual and Quad Transistors, Power Transistors, Current Regulator Diodes, and Varactor Diodes are also made by Crystalonics with exact replacements.

The table below lists only some of the direct replacements from Motorola to Crystalonics. All of the listed devices can be upscreened to meet the needs of drawings and many can be supplied as military JAN, JANTX or JANTXV parts. See the Price List for the listed devices available as JAN, JANTX and JANTXV.

Motorola P/N Crystalonics P/N Package Description
1N5139 thru 1N5148 1N5139 thru 1N5148 DO-7 Varactor Diode-tuning
1N5139A thru 1N5148A 1N5139A thru 1N5148A DO-7 Varactor Diode-tuning
1N5283 thru 1N5314 1N5283 thru 1N5314 DO-7 Current Regulator Diode
1N5441A thru 1N5476A 1N5441A thru 1N5476A DO-7 Varactor Diode-tuning-10%
1N5441B thru 1N5476B 1N5441B thru 1N5476B DO-7 Varactor Diode-tuning-5%
1N5441C thru 1N5476C 1N5441C thru 1N5476C DO-7 Varactor Diode-tuning-2%
1N5819 1N5819 DO-7 Schottky Diode
2N720A 2N720A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N918 2N918 TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2218A 2N2218A TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N2219A 2N2219A TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N2221A 2N2221A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2222A 2N2222A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2369A 2N2369A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2484 2N2484 TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2904A 2N2904A TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N2905A 2N2905A TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N2906A 2N2906A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2907A 2N2907A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N2944A thru 2N2946A 2N2944A thru 2N2946A TO-46 Small Signal Transistor
2N3019 2N3019 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N3057A 2N3057A TO-46 Small Signal Transistor
2N3251A 2N3251A TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N3485A and 2N3486A 2N3485A and 2N3486A TO-46 Small Signal Transistor
2N3498 thru 2N3501 2N3498 thru 2N3501 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N3506 and 2N3507 2N3506 and 2N3507 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N3634 thru 2N3637 2N3634 thru 2N3637 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N3700 2N3700 TO-18 Small Signal Transistor
2N3719 and 2N3720 2N3719 and 2N3720 TO-39 Power Transistor
2N3724 and 2N3725 2N3724 and 2N3725 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N3743 2N3743 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N3766 and 2N3767 2N3766 and 2N3767 TO-39 Power Transistor
2N3821 thru 2N3824 2N3821 thru 2N3824 TO-18 JFET
2N3867 and 2N3868 2N3867 and 2N3868 TO-39 Power Transistor
2N4854 2N4854 TO-78 Dual Transistor
2N4856 thru 2N4861 2N4856 thru 2N4861 TO-18 JFET
2N4930 and 2N4931 2N4930 and 2N4931 TO-39 Small Signal Transistor
2N5581 and 2N5582 2N5581 and 2N5582 TO-46 Small Signal Transistor
2N5793 thru 2N5796 2N5793 thru 2N5796 TO-78 Dual Transistor
2N6987 2N6987 TO-116 Quad Transistors-DIP package
2N6988 2N6988 607-04 Quad Transistor-Flat Pak
2N6989 2N6989 TO-116 Quad Transistors-DIP package
2N6990 2N6990 607-04 Quad Transistor-Flat Pak
MD918HX, HXV MD918HX, HXV TO-78 Dual Transistor
MD918FHXV MD918FHXV 610A-04 Dual Transistor-6 lead Flat-Pak
MHQ918HX, HXV MHQ918HX, HXV TO-116 Quad Transistor-DIP Package
MQ918HXV MQ918HXV 607-04 Quad Transistor-Flat-Pak
MD2219AFHXV MD2219AFHXV TO-78 Dual Transistor
MD2369AHX, HXV MD2369AHX, HXV TO-78 Dual Transistor
MD2369AFHXV MD2369AFHXV 610A-04 Dual Transistor-6 lead Flat-Pak
MHQ2369AHX, HXV MHQ2369AHX, HXV TO-116 Quad Transistor-DIP Package
MQ2369AHXV MQ2369AHXV 607-04 Quad Transistor-Flat-Pak
MD2905AFHXV MD2905AFHXV 610A-04 Dual Transistor-6 lead Flat-Pak
MD6002HX, HXV MD6002HX, HXV TO-78 Dual Transistor NPN/PNP
MD6002FHXV MD6002FHXV 610A-04 Dual Transistor-6 lead Flat-Pak
MHQ6002HX, HXV MHQ6002HX, HXV TO-116 Quad Transistor NPN/PNP-DIP
MQ6002HXV MQ6002HXV 607-04 Quad Transistor-Flat-Pak
MV1403 thru MV1405 MV1403 thru MV1405 DO-7 Varactor Diode-Hyper-Abrupt
MV1620 thru MV1650 MV1620 thru MV1650 DO-7 Varactor Diode-Tuning

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