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The entire Diode and Transistor product line manufactured by Crystalonics is available in die form to the Microelectronics Industry. Transistor and Diode Die can be supplied either in probed wafers or as individual die shipped in waffle packs. Crystalonics can perform Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT) to level "H" or "K" or to customer specifications with either catalog electricals or customized electricals.

The most popular devices in die form that Crystalonics supplies to the Microelectronics Industry are listed below. Please click on the Geometry No. to view and print the PDF.


Part Number Description Geometry
1N5139A - 1N5148A Varactor Diode 415
1N5283 - 1N5290 Current Regulator Diode 507
1N5291 - 1N5314 Current Regulator Diode 465
1N5461B - 1N5476B Varactor Diode 415
1N5804 - 1N5806 Rectifier 535
1N5811 Rectifier 528


Part Number Description Geometry
2N2222A Switching Transistor 488
2N2432A Chopper Transistor 485
2N2907A Switching Transistor 488
2N2945A - 2N2946A Switching Transistor 292
2N3501 High Voltage Transistor 482
2N3700 High Voltage Transistor 482
2N3635 High Voltage Transistor 480
2N3637 High Voltage Transistor 480
2N3867 - 2N3868 Power Transistor 505
2N6274 - 2N6281 Power Transistor 512
2N6282 - 2N6287 Power Transistor 509
CM860 Low Noise JFET 424
2N6550 Low Noise JFET 424
2N6350 - 2N6353 Darlington Power 508
2N6377 - 2N6379 Power Transistor 512
2N5277 - 2N5278 High Voltage JFET 1143

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