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CRYSTALONICS was formed in 1958Formed in 1958, CRYSTALONICS is a broad line semiconductor manufacturer of Small Signal Transistors, JFETS, Dual and Quad Transistors, Power Transistors, Current Regulator Diodes, Varactor Diodes and Custom Hybrid Microcircuits. Most of the products are available in standard TO packages as well as surface mount packaging for Industrial, Military, and Space applications.

CRYSTALONICS also up screens all standard catalog products from its line as well as from other manufacturers to the "TX" level of the associated military slash sheet of QML-19500 and includes all requested data with the shipment.


CRYSTALONICS manufactures all of its product line in TO packages and hermetic surface mount packaging. These products include all of the original Teledyne Crystalonics products as well as many of the original Motorola products. These transistors include 2N332, 2N333, 2N335, 2N336, 2N337, 2N338, 2N859, 2N860, 2N918, 2N1034, 2N1234, 2N1623, 2N1921, 2N2432, 2N2432A, 2N2944A, 2N2945A, 2N2946A, 2N3057A, 2N3251A, 2N3485A, 2N3486A, 2N3498, 2N3499, 2N3500, 2N3501, 2N3506, 2N3507, 2N3634, 2N3635, 2N3636, 2N3637, 2N3677, 2N3700, 2N3719, 2N3720, 2N3725, 2N3743, 2N3766, 2N3767, 2N3821,2N3822, 2N3823, 2N3867, 2N3868, 2N3910, 2N3911, 2N3912, 2N3913,2N3914, 2N4006, 2N4007, 2N4008, 2N4009, 2N4010, 2N4011, 2N4138, 2N4445, 2N4446, 2N4447, 2N4448, 2N4930, 2N4931, 2N5066, 2N5581, 2N5582, 2N6350, 2N6351, 2N6352, 2N6353, 2N6566, and 2N6567.

Additionally, most of the transistor specials from older designs are available for manufacture: These include C7112, C7112A, C7239, C90005, C9258, C9259, C9727, C9853, C9882, C9889, C9940, C9980. Please email the factory for any transistor with a "C" prefix.

JFETS (Junction Field Effect Transistors)

CRYSTALONICS manufactures a complete line of ultra-low noise (CM860, CP643, 2N6550, CD860 dual), broadband RF (CP640, CP664, CP665, CP666), low Ron (CP650,CP651), high voltage (2N5277, 2N5278) and other JFET products including 2N4445, 2N4446, 2N4447, 2N4448, 2N5432, 2N5433, 2N5434, 2N5543, 2N5544, 2N6449, 2N6450, 2N6568, CP650, CP651, CP652, and CP653.

Crystalonics also supplies the CP666 JFET as well as the dual version in surface mount (CP666D) utilized to build the antenna in QST magazine.


CRYSTALONICS manufactures all of its diodes and transistors in the hermetic surface mount SOT-23 package. Our most popular products are the 2N2432AUB, 2N2945AUB and 2N2946AUB surface mount transistors and the 1N5283UB-1N5314UB current regulator diodes and 1N5461UB-1N5476UB varactor diodes. Data sheets are available thru the website or contacting the sales department.


CRYSTALONICS manufactures a complete line of Transistors: Duals and Quads as standard catalog items including most of the former Motorola types: (2N4854, 2N5794, 2N5796, 2N6987,2N6988, 2N6989, 2N6990, MHQ6002, MHQ2369, MHQ3467, MHQ3468, and MHQ3725).


CRYSTALONICS makes a variety of popular power transistors in TO-5, TO-61, TO-66 and TO-3 packages. These transistors include the 2N3421, 2N3439, 2N3440, 2N3507, 2N3868 in addition to the Darlingtons 2N6350, 2N6351, 2N6352, 2N6353, 2N6284, 2N6285, and 2N6287. A more complete listing is available in the power transistor section.


Crystalonics manufactures a broad line of Current Regulator Diodes both standard (1N5283, 1N5284, 1N5285, 1N5286, 1N5287, 1N5288, 1N5289, 1N5290 ,1N5291, 1N5292, 1N5293, 1N5294, 1N5295, 1N5296, 1N5297, 1N5298, 1N5299, 1N5301, 1N5302, 1N5303, 1N5304,1N5305, 1N5306, 1N5307, 1N5308, 1N5309, 1N5310, 1N5311, 1N5312, 1N5313, and 1N5314) and higher current (CIL250, CIL251, CIL252, CIL253, CIL254, CIL255, CIL256 and CIL257 and CIL350 - CIL366), and Varactor Tuning Diodes (1N5139A - 1N5148A, 1N5461B - 1N5476B). Crystalonics has also second sourced the former Motorola hyper-abrupt MV1403, MV1404, and MV1405.

Also available are the CR Series diodes equal to Silconix. This includes CR022, CR024, CR027, CR030, CR033, CR039, CR043, CR047, CR058, CR062, CR068, CR075, CR082, CR091, CR100, CR110, CR120, CR130, CR140 ,CR150, CR160, CR180, CR200, CR220, CR240, CR270, CR300, CR330, CR360, CR390, CR430, CR470 and CR490.


Crystalonics manufactures the Teledyne line of FET ANALOG GATES and ladder switches.


The entire diode and transistor product line is available for sale in die form to the Microelectronics industry. Crystalonics can supply with LAT testing to customer specifications as needed.

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